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We want you to know how life-transforming your support is to our son.

When Ian was diagnosed with Down syndrome at 3 days old, we dreamed about his future. We wanted him to go to school to learn and develop his abilities--just like his older brother and sister. We wanted him to one day have a meaningful job and be as independent as possible. We wanted him to thrive and live a joyful life. 

Ian deserves as much.


Our son Ian

Because of you, Ian and more than 250 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a place to keep learning and engaging with other people. They have a place to feel a part of their community. A place where they’re supported and encouraged to develop their skills and achieve all they can.

You’ve given them that place in the STARability Foundation. 

More than 50 people are waiting to join STARability’s popular day programs, including the Junior Trailblazer Academy, which Ian attends after school. With your year-end gift, you will be investing in the resources needed to serve more individuals with disabilities.

Will you help?


Six years ago, Ian couldn’t speak well. He needed new opportunities to learn and grow. We moved to Naples for him to attend a new school. We heard about the Junior Trailblazer Academy through word of mouth and enrolled him so he would stay busy after school.

The program hasn’t just kept Ian busy; it’s helped transform him.

The Junior Trailblazer Academy reinforces the skills that Ian is learning at school. At 16, he speaks up for himself. His social life is busier than ours. He’s a whiz on a computer. He mows the lawn and helps around the house. His days are packed with classes, sports and volunteer activities. He’s productive, engaged and happy.


But what will happen when he turns 22?

It’s a question many parents like us ask. That’s when students with disabilities age out of school, and the supportive services they receive at school end.

There are few, if any, opportunities for them to keep developing skills, form lifelong friendships and social connections, or find a job. All the gains they’ve worked so hard to achieve can dwindle.

We want more than that for Ian and his peers. They deserve more.

Because of you, STARability is there to help them now and will be there to support them as they transition to adulthood.

We can picture Ian joining the Trailblazer Academy, STARability's adult program, one day. We see him learning vocational skills and getting a rewarding job with an employer who believes in him and his abilities.

People like Ian can do anything. They just need a supportive and caring place where they can discover what they’re capable of doing. And they need a chance to show what they can do.

You can give them that place--and chance.

Thank you for your life-transforming gift.


Karen and Pete Angiuoli

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