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Three college roommates launch a startup

Just weeks after moving in together, Givebutter co-founders Max, Ari and Liran were featured in the Washington Post for a charitable website we built over a weekend during a snowstorm. With Liran coding, Max designing, and Ari selling - we made a really good team.

Feb. 9

Inspired by personal experience raising money for nonprofits and student orgs, we set out to build a better way to fundraise

We believed in a simple idea: in order to create a better way to fundraise, we had to build a better way to give. A butter way to give...

Feb. 27

Let's call it Givebutter!

Our tagline: Givebutter is a butter way to give. Our mascot: Mr. Butter. Our mission: to make the world a butter place. Domain available: Check!

March 15

The first Givebutter logos - Mr. Butter is born!

March 16

Several iterations later...

March 18

A nonprofit kosher food truck raises $16,000 in 24 hours on Givebutter

This was among the first campaigns on Givebutter, and they quickly surpassed their initial $10,000 goal. Carly Meisel, the organizer of the campaign, told us: "When my team decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign, we immediately knew that it had to be through Givebutter. Simply put, no other site has the engagement or excitement factor that Givebutter exudes. Our campaign was a success, and we are so grateful to the dedicated and talented Givebutter Team. Thank you!"

See Campaign May 3

Summer begins!

With the weight of homework and exams off our shoulders, we were ready to get to work. Liran began developing major new features for the site, while Max and Ari spent the first month of summer calling and meeting with the development officers of the top 100 nonprofits to learn more about how online fundraising can be done better. The takeaway: every nonprofit is trying (and failing) to find a consistent way to activate and engage millennials. This is when we established Givebutter’s mission of inspiring more people to make giving a part of their lives.

May 15

Spreading the Butter

We decided to launch the Butter Ambassador program to spread our message and inspire more people to give back in any way they can. We interviewed potential ambassadors via Snapchat, and quickly broke the app due to the number of applications we received. By the end of summer, we amassed nearly 2,000 applications and ultimately accepted 160 ambassadors at 110 schools.

Learn More June 1

First ambassador interview via Snapchat

June 15

Butter Blog launches

After speaking with many nonprofits and conducting extensive research on the topic of millennial giving, we decided to launch a blog to share our insights and spark conversations around how we can collectively make the world a butter place.

Check out the blog June 27

Getting creative on Instagram

Follow us @givebutter! June 29

First featured “Project We Love” - a fascinating book by a UC Berkeley Student launches on Givebutter and hits its goal

See Campaign August 3

Givebutter shirts arrive!

August 15

Packing 160 swag packs for Butter Ambassadors

August 21

Mission accomplished. Boxes packed!

August 22

Brooklyn Sandwich Co. (the kosher food truck that raised $16,000 on Givebutter) came to fruition over the summer and served food on GW’s campus for the first time

Yes, it was absolutely delicious.

September 1

Butter Ambassador program is working - sparking new movements and inspiring college students around the world to give back

Learn More September 13

It’s On Us launches a national fundraising campaign on Givebutter to celebrate their two year anniversary

It’s On Us is a campaign to shift the culture around sexual assault. Shifting a culture is no small feat, but since It's On Us began educating, engaging and empowering students and communities in 2014, the issue of combatting sexual assault has been thrust into national conversation. Yesterday, September 19, marked 2 years, 1,400 events, 350,000 pledges, and 20 million video views since the movement’s inception. It's On Us launched a Givebutter campaign to raise awareness and funds so they can bring their message and materials to over 1,000 campuses this semester.

See Campaign September 20

A student org at Penn breaks records after increasing their fundraising goal 5 times, ultimately raising over $13,000 on Givebutter

See Campaign October 20

New features launched to automate campaign success

Learn More November 9

Introducing Givebutter Changemakers and the #Give Pledge

See the Full Announcement November 17

The first matching campaign launches on Givebutter and hits its original goal of $50,000 in 24 hours

See Campaign November 20