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3 reasons why I plan to volunteer in Jamaica with LearnServe in summer 2018:

  1. As a social entrepreneur I want to learn about Jamaica's most pressing issues such as lack of education, high unemployment rates, and high poverty rates, and create social change through working  with children and teens in shelters, schools, and farms.
  2. After learning about social justice issues in school, I want to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in new environments where I will learn methods that I can apply to social justice issues in my own community.
  3. I want to travel to a country where I will learn the realities and hardships of day-to-day life and work collaboratively with community-based organizations to help solve problems.

What will I be doing in Jamaica?

LearnServe is a non-profit organization that immerses high school students in local efforts on education, environmentalism, and community development. We will work alongside dynamic community leaders to deepen our understanding of Jamaican solutions to issues of poverty, education, and nutrition. We will do service projects at a primary school, a shelter for teens, an organic farm, among other places.

Why is your support important?

Your donations will help fund the LearnServe service projects that I will be participating in. Your contributions will have a direct impact on the local population and allow me to achieve the goals I have outlined.

How to donate?

1. A secure online donation with any credit or debit card - Please click on the "DONATE NOW" either at the top right corner or the bottom of your mobile device.

2. Check or cash- contact me at avigayil7[at] or my parents at s.leibowitz999[at]

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.



30 supporters

$1,100 goal

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Abigail Leibowitz