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TAMID at Penn


TAMID at Penn

TAMID at Penn gives our 60+ members the opportunity to learn and develop through a comprehensive educational curriculum, pro-bono consulting for Israeli startups, capital market investment research, and a chance to participate in the TAMID Fellowship, a summer internship program in Israel. Our chapter at Penn, which was founded in 2013, has grown immensely in the past year and our goal is to sustain our growth and impact on Penn's campus.

This past semester, TAMID at Penn listened to impactful members of the business community such as Wayne Kimmel, Founder and Managing Partner of 76 Capital, Jeffrey Swartz, former CEO of Timberland, and Yael Vizel, Founder and CEO of Zeekit. Our consulting team led the North American marketing efforts for our client Zeekit, our fund team partnered with SeekingAlpha to create unique content, and 30 new members graduated from our education program to join our consulting and fund teams. In addition, eight of our members were selected to attend the summer fellowship (the most of any chapter) for this coming year.

What is TAMID?

Imagine the leading CEOs of the year 2040. Today, they are smart, ambitious college students. Their faces may not yet grace the cover of Fortune or Forbes, but from their campuses, each one is laying the groundwork for a prosperous career. They are enrolled in business classes, joining consulting or investing clubs, and applying for prestigious internships.

Now, imagine if you could take these formative years of business education, and place Israel at the center of it all. That's exactly what TAMID Group is doing

Business education? TAMID teaches critical business skills, with a focus on Israeli case-studies.

Consulting projects? From campus, TAMID teams are advising the most innovative companies in the startup nation.

Investment clubs? TAMID students conduct in-depth due diligence on publicly traded Israeli companies.

Internships? The TAMID Fellowship offers a chance to spend 8 weeks working at Tel Aviv's most prestigious companies.

It's great for the students, who are immersed in a culture that has made Israel's economy a headline-grabbing success story.

And it's great for Israel, a country that benefits from interacting with rising stars from American college campuses.

Despite a modest budget, we have accomplished a lot. As a grassroots organization, led almost entirely by students, we have grown from a small club at University of Michigan to now having chapters at 30 campuses.

The future of our program -- our dreams of growth to new chapters, connecting more students to Israel, and engaging more of tomorrow's CEOs -- depend on your generosity today.

Your support will directly enrich our students' lives.

See your impact:

$20: Sponsor three students at a TAMID event
$50: Give one student a full semester of Israel-themed business education
$100: Sponsor an entire TAMID chapter event
$250: Bring an Israeli business leader to campus
$500: Develop a new seminar on Business and Israel for our entire student membership
$1,000: Train the founding team of a new TAMID campus to build and run their chapter
$2,000: Help us start a real money investment fund.
$2,500: Send the TAMID Fellows on a day-long tour in Israel.


Jake Franz made a donation

3 years ago


I think this group is doing valuable work.

Josh made a donation

4 years ago

TAMID is an incredible community of students connected by their love for Israel that I have been lucky to be a part of. I've formed tight friendships through TAMID and look forward to seeing everyone each and every week of the semester to learn and grow our potential, together.

Smash made a donation

4 years ago

TAMID has been an opportunity for me to actively connect with the Israeli economy and to contribute meaningfully to a country that I support. It has also enabled me to develop crucial professional skills and to expand my knowledge and experience in the realm of business. As a new member I was welcomed into a network of young entrepreneurs like myself, and I look forward to continuing to learn from them as I move on to the next stage of the program.

Betsy superfon made a donation

4 years ago


It is with great pleasure I want to contribute to this wonderful charity. I am so proud of Sophie Rose for being the woman she is and making a difference. With love Aunt Betsy

Liran made a donation

4 years ago

I <3 Israel!

ZX made a donation

4 years ago


On behalf of the International Chinese Community at Penn, we would like to donate to TAMID at Penn for its openness to all students interested in Israel regardless of race, gender, or religion.

Elisheva Blas made a donation

4 years ago


Dan made a donation

4 years ago


TAMID has given me an amazing opportunity to uncover the blooming entrepreneurial world in Israel and has broken down barriers to allow me to interact with that world.

Barbara and Michael Epstein made a donation

4 years ago


Anonymous made a donation

4 years ago


Alice made a donation

4 years ago


Jill & Michael made a donation

4 years ago


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