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Give an OPPORTUNITY for children to thrive in your community.

Your community gained perspective and affirmation during the recent pandemic. Affirmation, in the programs and services that lift up children and families, is vital to building strong families. Perspective, for the challenges and barriers facing our families.

Your gift will work to ensure conversations lift up community gaps and find innovative solutions to our most complex social issues.

Families are designed to learn, grow, adapt and strengthen. Communities should also be designed to learn, grow, adapt and strengthen. Add in our commitment to measure and promote with your financial support to ensure Every Child Has an Opportunity to THRIVE.

Join our family of donors who believe every child should have an opportunity to thrive. To reach this big goal of 100,000 we need your partnership!

Give $50 to give lockboxes for prevention


 Partners have come together to cover this prevention gap and offer this service for free to all families. Dozens of lockboxes are distributed each month. Donate $50 to provide safety for a child in your community to thrive.

Give $100 to give a camera to a youth 


Your community prioritizes building a sense of belonging for youth in communities, schools and families. The PhotoVoice program expanded this year to offer classes at the Hanny Arram Center for Success. Donate $100 to give opportunities to youth to build a sense of belonging in your community.

Give $250 to help a family in crisis with basic needs


Your community prioritizes families by layering supports and coordinating multiple agencies, with Community Flex Funds to fill gaps. Most families receiving funding gain independence and report no longer needing financial assistance. Donate $250 to help a family with food, housing or care when no other community support is available.

Give $500 for a month of childcare for a family


Parents are forced to decide between working or staying home with children because of the unpredictable childcare in your community. Offering child care scholarships has helped families gain or keep a child care provider until employment is gained. Donate $500 to help a single mom pay her first month of childcare and retain her job.

Your donation is providing an opportunity for child or family in your community to thrive.

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2 supporters

$25,000 goal

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EIN 20-5852415