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Training Towards Transformation 2022

Your contribution makes SEEDS’ powerful and life-changing trainings possible!

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Campaign Ended

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10% of $25,000 goal


On behalf of the SEEDS community, you are invited to expand the opportunity of conflict by becoming an official sponsor of the SEEDS Training Towards Transformation fundraiser. Your donation makes SEEDS trainings accessible to a diverse group of under-resourced individuals, communities, schools and organizations that otherwise would not have access to such timely, high-impact services.

"I have learned so much in ways I did not expect to. I feel much less afraid of conflict, awkwardness, and messing up. I also feel more confident in my ability to empathize and help others. It was nice to be reminded that kindness, relationships, and empathy can go a long way." - Fall 2021 Mediation Participant

This year SEEDS trained more students than ever before. Thank you! Together we:

  • Served 1275 training participants
  • Designed and facilitated 98 trainings
  • Delivered 450 direct training hours
  • Certified 161 new mediators
  • Ensured 21% of training participants receive need-based aid
  • Offered $24,945 in Financial Aid Awards/Sponsored training spots + $24,545 in organizational discounts for client work.

"The trainers were so incredible in creating a supportive and brave space, and the framing of power, cultural humility, and holding critique for mediation framework was so crucial for me to move into this work and trust the content and facilitators." - March 2022 Mediation Participant

At SEEDS, we teach and practice radical transparency. In service of this, I share with you that we have a LOT more to do! SEEDS currently has wait lists for all of our core trainings. People are waiting to transform their communities, families, schools and workplaces with SEEDS skills. We must rise to the call and demand by offering more trainings. Thank you for sponsoring this effort by donating today.

"[The 40-hour mediation training] really taught some beautiful and powerful skills that can really be applied in so many areas, personally and professionally. It has really helped to frame/reframe and learn/unlearn strategies to embrace our full humanity." - March 2022 Mediation Participant 

Another way we are responding to the call for more SEEDS magic is by launching a Training Alumni Network in the coming months. In true participatory style, we surveyed past participants to see what they get from SEEDS. They are people learning these skills for their community, for their workplaces, for their movement spaces, and for their own personal transformation. Most of them heard about SEEDS’ high quality trainings through word of mouth and recommendations from colleagues and friends.

"This [SEEDS restorative justice] training gave me a foundational understanding of RJ practices. It gave me grounding in healing/justice and awareness of how positionality informs my role in circle/community. I am wrestling with questions around how I as a white person can amplify, honor, and contribute to the practice of RJ. I feel called to establish stronger community ties upstream before ruptures happen." -Feb 2022 RJ Participant

Your contribution makes this possible! Please help us increase access to our training offerings. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to continue to meet this need. This is only half of the amount we currently subsidize to create access. Annually, SEEDS invites committed sponsors such as yourself to support our work directly by contributing to our Training Towards Transformation fundraiser. We’re proud to say that 100% of your donation goes towards supporting SEEDS programs, allowing us to make our trainings accessible.

"Personally & professionally, the [restorative justice] training has helped me make deeper space for honoring my personal lineage, ancestral heritage & wisdom, & that of others, in both RJ & professional spaces, especially where they come together. It was SUCH a joy to experience a zoom-space so beautifully facilitated and held, which gives me life and inspiration in my own facilitation. And such powerful, radical HOPE as a practice, to be part of this incredible community of people, doing such incredible work in the world." -Feb 2022 RJ Participant

Your dollars will cultivate mediation and restorative practices in our communities and increase the number of people who have the skills to build the world we want to live in! Please help us reach our goal of $25,000 by becoming an official sponsor.

In partnership,

AddieRose Mayer

SEEDS Executive Director


$5,000 LEVEL — SEEDS Mature Forest

  • In-Service Training (up to 2 hrs) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year
  • Additional benefits listed below

$2,500 LEVEL — SEEDS Young Forest

  • Conflict coaching session (up to 2 hours) provided to sponsoring organization during upcoming year
  • Name and logo (with link) included in SEEDS email promoting public training sessions during upcoming year
  • Additional benefits listed below

$1,000 LEVEL — SEEDS Sapling

  • Name and logo listed on training material packet
  • Additional benefits listed below

$500 LEVEL — SEEDS-ling

  • Social Media recognition of sponsorship
  • Additional benefits listed below

$250 LEVEL — SEEDS Sprout

  • Name listed on SEEDS website

Campaign Ended

Share Fundraiser

Campaign Ended


10 Supporters

10% of $25,000 goal


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