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The Tucson Food Project is working to find a way to get fresh food in to the hands of those in Tucson that need it the most. While welfare and local assistance programs do a great job in providing food to the hungry in most cases, there are still those that are forced to skip meals and go without. Being able to have and provide food for one's family is a basic necessity and something that should be available to everyone.

Mission Coffee Imports and Humanity Hub are teaming up to bring fresh local produce and meals to those that may have fallen through the cracks and have not been able to get the food they need.

Your contribution will help us in achieving this goal. $75 helps one household by providing a box of fresh local produce, bread, 3 unique meals for two, and one desert with doorstep delivery. This donation is not tax deductible.

Thank you for your help in bringing a little bit of security and a good meal to our neighbors.




10 Supporters

12% of $14,000 goal

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Tucson Food Project

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