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Faith Cooper here! I am founder of Naturally Beautified and Jeannette with

"The Grande De 'Luxe Parlour", the face of both.

I have been interested in the beauty industry since 2016 but did not know where to start. This year of 2022 I created outstanding brands. None of this could have been done without a solid business plan, hard-work and dedication, patience and faith.

I would like to prepare to launch September 24th, 2022 but I need your help.  Inventory and equipment is needed for my business.

Yes, there are funding options (mostly loans) out there to try and alleviate the burden on small businesses, BUT they are also geared toward the larger small businesses. I've not qualified for any.

I created my businesses to help women/Men look and feel as beautiful/handsome as they truly are. What I love about being a founder is that you gain the permission and self-assurance to own it. when you look at your self in the mirror and say " Wow Beauty is truly Beyond skin Deep. We help you to express yourself in many ways due to all of our products we provide.

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UNITY in the BLACK BEAUTY COMMUNITY is all about giving back & uplifting black owned beauty businesses. These business are the cornerstone of inspiration and originality in nails, hair and barbering in the United States. Trends in these professions have been influenced by black communities and clients from the very beginning. Know your beauty industry history! with all the craziness that’s going on in our country: myself & my Denver community thought it was super important to give back to our black sisters & brothers uplifting, magnifying and appreciating their impact on our industries! We’ve chosen June 19-21 for our donation window to highlight this history, these businesses and to give back to local and regional salons, barber shops and nail shops most affected by recent events.



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Unity for the Black Beauty Community