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5 months: 36 cats & 3 dogs lives saved, 9 cats sterilized. found loving homes for 2 dogs, 5 cats, and we are currently caring for 15 cats, 5 dogs and 20 kittens with foster help. We personally fund all medical, sterilization, supplies, housing, food, and training. We work with 4 separate cat colonies to offer them support as well. Our goal is to expand as quickly as possible to meet a never ending need. In order to do this, we need you! We have made a network of support but most cannot help us without a 501c3 standing. We  need to get awareness out through a website which will keep donations coming in. We also need to build various areas to support our animals . Please help us get our rescue off the ground. 


December 1, 2020 Turbo came into my life. He was a feral cat who was dying slowly due to a severe respiratory infection. A preventable and treatable one. I answered a call for help because I couldn’t know he was slowly dying unable to eat or breathe well with ants starting to cover his lifeless body. So I drove over and scooped up a lifeless body. After 3 days of hospitalization, $1500 in donations to cover those bills donated by neighbors, weeks of personally sleeping in a quarantine room to provide round the clock care, and months of continued rehabilitation, Turbo now is a housecat! We’ve decided he should stay at the sanctuary as he is bonded with us and very fearful of all others. He still has some healing to do but today he’s a healthy vibrant kitty! 


During this time, I’ve had so many people contact me asking for help in the same way with cats and kittens they see abandoned or without homes but I can only help a fraction of them. I need to get our rescue up and officially started to save as many lives as possible. Please help make this a reality.

10k breakdown:

Apply for 501c3 : $1500 (services and fees)

Website development & domain with store, adoption pages, and donation buttons: $1500

Printed materials (business cards, flyers, tshirts : $500

Facility upgrade: catio, kennels, supplies. $1500

Outstanding medical bills: $2500

June 28th Sterilization appointments x 10: $1,000

Vaccines :

25 cats 3x: $900

5 dogs 3x: $100

 1 month food: $500



74 supporters

$10,000 goal

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