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Earthquest has put a building plan together to attach a large W-Truss Greenhouse Shade Cover Frame to the backside of our brand new parrot building. We recently constructed this building this last February of 2021.

Earthquest is a non-profit organization that provides environmental conservation education to the public utilizing non-releasable birds of prey, as well as our rescued parrots. We do this to provide a better understanding of these birds and their role in the ecosystem in the natural world

Our parrot sanctuary has been in operation for over 25 years, we take in displaced and unwanted parrots and retrain them to use in our educational programs out in public. All parrots that come to us are forever homes, and we feel as this is essentially a retirement home for these birds, they should be given the best possible life we can give them. 

Inside our parrot building, we have large cages for our birds to safely play in, but during the day we let groups of them out into our 25'x10' jungle gym that hangs from the ceiling inside to interact with each other and just be birds!. 

With this practice we have noticed that many of our birds enjoy sitting on top of the other cages inside the building occasionally and provide a potential safety risk if a bird was to land on a cage of another bird that was not particularly friendly. Parrots have very strong beaks and could break, or even cut off another birds toe. 

So our staff came up with this plan of an attached aviary on the backside of our building to give a safer way for our birds to enjoy time together out of their cages, while keeping all of their toes attached!

To fund this project we're looking for help from our supporters. We want to build this aviary to last for years to come, and withstand the snowfall here in Virginia. So if you can, please consider donating to this project and sharing it with your friends to do the same!



0 supporters

$10,000 goal

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