The Breakup Club Takes on Chicago

Send Annie, Jessica, Sophia, Kristalyn, and Whitney to Chicago to perform at the 2019 Harmony Music and Dance Festival!

$1,025 by 12 people


Chasing Pinnacle Project


About "The Breakup Club"

Choreographed by Kristalyn Gill, this work was originally performed by Annie Borden, Jessica McCarthy, Sophia Sednova, and Whitney Wilhardt at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center. The piece was presented by Downright Productions for "Sweet Tooth," an evening celebrating Portland multimedia arts.

The work explores the idea of "breakups" serving as catalysts for growth and reflection, whether they are romantic endings, a dream never realized, a family feud, or breaking away from the labels thrust upon our own identity. This series of movement and poetry display how, after falling apart over and over again, we can locate and create empathy between any two individuals.

This opportunity provides us with a vital chance to be seen across the nation as emerging artists who seek to not only entertain audiences but also impact they way they live after they leave the festival. In this way, our aim is to make this work more than a memory but rather a conduit of change and reflection.

As a young choreographer in the realm of professional dance, it has been a joy for Kristalyn to experience the immense support and encouragement surrounding her work in the Portland dance community. To learn more about her journey with dance or to see other projects she's created, follow this link.

Why We Were Selected

The Harmony Dance and Music Festival presented by Tiffany Lawson Dance is an annual event promoting emerging artists and providing a medium for collaboration between dancers and musicians. Over a span of three nights, onlookers will engage with various modes of movement, sound, and the narratives painted utilizes these two tools. We will be performing two nights of the festival, set to take place at The Fasseas Whitebox Theater in the Drucker Center/Menomonee Club in Chicago, IL.

To be emerging artists and young professionals granted with this opportunity, it is an immerse honor to have this work selected to participate in the festival.

Why We Need You to Join Us

It is critical to gain a team of supporters as we attempt to travel across the nation to perform this work. Funding will be directed to paying for our method of transportation - five plane tickets costing approximately $300 each - in addition to performance fees for the dancers and collaborating musician.

Tickets are extremely expensive for such a large group, and it is difficult to locate a ticket price that is not drastically on the rise. It is imperative we reach out and ask for your assistance in sharing this work with another audience, celebrating the chaos of falling apart and how it can lead to immense growth and unshakeable strength.


Patti Weeks made a donation

1 year ago


Congratulations! What a wonderful opportunity to share your love of live and your expression of art, Kristalyn and dancers.

Vera and Mo made a donation

1 year ago


Looks great...good luck!

Tanya made a donation

1 year ago


Make it stupendous! I know you will.

Anonymous made a donation

1 year ago

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