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Together We Rise

There's no greater force than a woman determined to rise.

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Organized by Project Healing Hive

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TOGETHER WE RISE. As a single mother I know how difficult it can be to find affordable, safe childcare. Single mothers without child care can't work, meaning they can't get out of poverty. I knew PHH could be of service and create a way to make our neighbors' lives better.

That's why PHH's S2T women’s meet-up created a 3 event fundraiser over the next year (2024) to support both PHH and Along the Way. They deliver 1,500 hours of child care during non-traditional work times. This creates a pathway out of poverty for our neighbors—and you can be a part of it. 

  1. PHH's Surviving to Thriving (S2T) Women's Group

  2. Along the Way 

About Along the Way: Along The Way started by providing free in-home child care in 2016, serving only low-income single mother families as an anti-poverty initiative. We had a theory that if we provided free child care to single mothers during nights & weekends when they could most readily find employment or take classes to continue their own education, we’d provide the necessary support for the most under-resourced population to break the cycle of poverty for their families.

Help us reach our goal of $10,000 and give today. Giving online is easy and fast, and your support will make a real difference. We appreciate your help!

Thank you for all the continued support.


Kristen M.Y. - Founder of PHH



What is community service?

Serving requires us to know that our humanity is more powerful than our expertise or need for gain. Only service heals. Service is not an experience of strength or knowledge; service is an experience of mystery, surrender and connection. Those who chose to serve have traded a sense of mastery for an experience of mystery, and in doing so have transformed their work and their lives into practice.


  1. Variety Show of the Performing Arts - winter 2024
  2. Top Golf Tournament - spring/summer 2024
  3. Silent Auction - fall 2024

Exact event dates will be announced soon!! All funds raised at each event will be split between PHH and Along the Way. Join us as we support 2 nonprofits that support women thriving.  

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Project Healing Hive

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