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About the Campaign

As COVID-19 continues to impact communities around the world, present-day and long-term consequences of the pandemic are evident. Years of progress on poverty, hunger, education and health care is threatened with every passing day as countries around the world struggle to contain the virus.

While the impact of the pandemic has severely impacted people close to home, it disproportionately impacts the poorest and most vulnerable globally. We have seen restrictions in movement, strained health care systems, and unemployment which then affects health and nutrition, food availability and food access. Economic downturns caused by COVID-19 can increase the economic instability, health inequalities and social disparities among many communities. 

Who is the relief fund for?

Rustic Pathways is partnered with local communities in Fiji, India, Nepal, Laos, Mongolia, Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania and the United States. Many of these communities, especially those that rely heavily on tourism, have been deeply impacted. The Global COVID-19 Relief Fund includes our local partners most affected.

What will it supply?

The project will focus on supplying food and essentials that are needed in each particular country to ensure that your donation has a valuable and lasting impact on local communities. 

Where will my donation go?

By donating to the General COVID-19 Relief Fund, you can rest assured that your donation will go to projects with the greatest need, whether that means one that’s extremely close to reaching its fundraising goal or another that hasn’t been shown as much love as the rest. 

Some examples of how this General COVID-19 Relief Fund will be used:

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: With restrictions on movement aimed to slow the spread of the disease still in place, the local economy in the Dominican Republic is seeing a very slow recovery. Those who work in the informal sector currently have no means of income and many of these same people lack identification documents, meaning they do not qualify for government assistance programs. For this vulnerable sector of the population, staying at home can mean going hungry. Donations will purchase food and cleaning kits to provide nutrition and hygiene.

FIJI: With Fiji dependent on tourism, the pandemic has had devastating effects. Many people lost their jobs and remain unemployed. Additionally, Fiji was hit by Cyclone Harold in April 2020, resulting in a further hit to the economy and agriculture sector. With crops destroyed, zero income, and limited imports coming in, and rising prices, people are unable to afford food. Donations towards Fiji will support vulnerable communities, funding basic food necessities and essentials boxes.  

CAMBODIA: According to the United Nations, [Globally] almost 690 million people were undernourished in 2019, up by nearly 60 million from 2014. Cambodia was the least food-secure country in Southeast Asia prior to the pandemic, and this is being amplified by movement restrictions and price spikes in food commodities. Donations will purchase food necessities to ensure that impoverished communities are able to have the nutritional support they need. 

THAILAND: Along with facing the startling consequences of the global pandemic, Thailand has seen a short monsoon season and a drought the last two years. Farmers in Thailand were forced to delay planting rice crops to save water for human consumption. This has resulted in a lack of income for farmers, meaning that they have been unable to generate enough money to meet basic needs. Donations will purchase family supply kits that include essential staples and fresh produce.



8 supporters

$25,000 goal

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