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The Story of Way Club

Way Club is a faith-based social club fostering the next generation of leaders in the Greater Philadelphia area. Targeting like-minded teenagers of all backgrounds, we aim to inspire our members to lead an intentional and purpose-driven lifestyle by meeting their recreational, developmental, and spiritual needs. This in turn will fuel our members to have a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Way Club started as a simple dream for Founder and Executive Director, Monique Harrington. At 14-years old, she imagined having a local hangout, much like The Den in her favorite TV show Moesha, where her friends could laugh, learn, and grow together. 

"There was a dance club for teenagers in my neighborhood where the inside was pitch black. I asked my dad if I could go and he said 'Absolutely not!' While I am grateful my parents were watching out for me, that experience stuck with me. I really just wanted a place to go hang out with my friends. That place, a safe space my parents would approve of, didn't exist," shares Monique.

Since then, Monique set out to hone her skills and network to create that space for teens in Philadelphia. She worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years and has helped lead various church ministries for over 11 years. Before Way Club, she started Teen Cultured, a group that hosted recreational events for teens. 

Every Donation Matters

We would not be where we are today without our amazing community! Your donation will help support the growth and mentoring of Way Club members to become great leaders of the next generation. This includes:

  • Funding materials and field trips for our first ever Summer Growth Academy
  • Hiring speakers and professionals to mentor our youth
  • Renting pop-up spaces for our members to meet
  • Organizing program activities
  • And more!

Our goal is to develop our members in all aspects of life so they can positively live up to their fullest potential. We NEED your help in supporting the Teens of OUR community. Thank you again for your contribution!



54 supporters

$60,000 goal

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Way Club

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EIN 85-2207357