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Join a THRIVING MULTICULTURAL COMMUNITY of Middle-Eastern and North African women in entertainment building SOLIDARITY through COLLABORATION and PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT


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Lee Broda


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Women Creating Change started with a deep passion of mine to bring together female filmmakers and artists from the Middle East and North Africa to create positive change in our region.

As I became more established in my career as a Film Producer I found myself increasingly surrounded by men within the industry, and while I enjoyed working with them, I didn't understand why there weren't more women in those meaningful positions. I knew so many smart, talented and passionate filmmakers, but I wasn't working with almost any of them.

This inspired me to start this beautiful community. In the summer of 2017 I gathered my Arab, Israeli and Persian friends, in my living room and to brainstorm about creating a united, inspiring, and safe community, in the hopes of overcoming the divisiveness and hatred that surrounded us.

During the last four and a half years we have come together and devoted our time, resources, connections, life, money and passion to build this incredible organization. We have exciting and meaningful dreams for our members and the extended community and we need your support to achieve them.

I hope you will join me on this path of giving right before the holidays, and help us create more programs and events, so that we can open more doors and create opportunities for female filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa.

Thank you so much for contributing to my campaign, together we are building an international community!


Lee Broda

תודה על התמיכה. תודה על האפשרות להמשיך לבנות קהילת נשים חזקה ומשמעותית לקולנועיות ויוצרות ישראליות וערביות בעולם.

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Stand Up For Her: Resilience 2021

Sunday from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM PST

In Person

Live Stream

Add to Calendar 2021-12-12 11:30:00 2021-12-12 13:30:00 America/Los_Angeles Stand Up For Her: Resilience 2021 Last year's Stand Up 4 Her: Inspiration 2020 was a HUGE SUCCESS!! *** Join us for this year's STAND UP 4 HER: RESILIENCE 2021! Featuring Muslim and Jewish female filmmakers from the Middle East/North Africa on an exciting, thought-provoking event. *** This event will be hybrid, you can either attend in person or from the comfort of your couch! *** COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced.

TO WATCH ONLINE go to: https://youtu.be/aJzTUMxINSc
Museum of Tolerance<br>9786 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA

TO WATCH ONLINE go to: https://youtu.be/aJzTUMxINSc

Last year's Stand Up 4 Her: Inspiration 2020 was a HUGE SUCCESS!! *** Join us for this year's STAND UP 4 HER: RESILIENCE 2021! Featuring Muslim and Jewish female filmmakers from the Middle East/North Africa on an exciting, thought-provoking event. *** This event will be hybrid, you can either attend in person or from the comfort of your couch! *** COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced.



Will you consider participating in our campaign today to make an impact for MENA female filmmakers and help us reach our goal?

Women Creating Change is a grassroots movement that empowers inspiring Middle Eastern/North African (MENA) women by fostering their EXTRAORDINARY talents and creating a COMMUNITY where they can thrive!

"Art can bridge cultural differences and give a voice to women who come from societies in which their voices are often marginalized." (Lee Broda, Producer, WCC Founder & President)

Women Creating Change (WCC) was founded in 2017 by a group of passionate Israeli and Arab female filmmakers from the Middle East and North Africa. WCC is dedicated to celebrating the diverse MENA cultures through filmmaking and fostering an environment of tolerance, inclusion, and solidarity between fellow MENA artists, who otherwise might never come together and are often neglected in mainstream media!


In its first 4 years, WCC has created numerous networking events, held panels and masterclasses, produced variety shows and unifying experiences, which resulted in 5 film projects and many work opportunities between female MENA filmmakers and actresses from different backgrounds.

To continue building on our momentum to support MENA female filmmakers and expand WCC’s reach, we are launching our end-of-year fundraising campaign focusing on the theme of Resilience, culminating with our annual Stand Up for Her event that showcases our member's EXTRAORDINARY stories and talents!

Your donation will enable us to keep our community thriving as well as grant you access to our:

3rd Annual
Stand Up for Her Showcase: Resilience

For the first time, WCC will partner with the Museum of Tolerance (MOT) for its annual STAND UP FOR HER event, for a curated program of short films from the WCC community, and by women of Muslim and Israeli/Jewish backgrounds from the MENA region. In addition to being directed by women, all of the presentations speak to the theme of “Resilience.” Filmmakers of the selected programming originate from Iran, Israel, Qatar and other MENA countries.

The films featured at the event are:

  • Resilience: a Women Creating Change Documentary by WCC members (English, Global)
  • The Girl Sitting Here by Azadeh Nikzadeh (Persian, Iran)
  • Leftovers by Yael Arad Zafrir (Hebrew, Israel)
  • Al-Sit by Suzannah Mirghani (Arabic, Sudan/Qatar)

(from our past SU4H Events)

Big or small, your contribution will help us expand our professional offerings and support for more Middle Eastern and North African female filmmakers.


Today, as COVID19 continues to cast a shadow of doubt and confusion around the world, it is especially important for our community, most of which are far from their homes and families, to feel our support.

WCC has taken this time as an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for our organization and community. By moving our events online and meeting regularly during the pandemic, we have witnessed a deeper sense of unity within our community, as well as the ability to connect with our MENA sisters worldwide.


  • Officially become non-profit incorporation, registered in California!
  • Held both online and outdoor networking events, and masterclasses to keep our members motivated and connected.
  • Collaborated on events with other film groups around the world including a panel held with The Middle Eastern Union Festival in Berlin!
  • Held inspirational events such as the Color Your Soul visioning workshop and our monthly online morning coffee meetings.
  • Released our monthly newsletter to more than 500 readers with highlights of member successes, casting notices, special community resources, and our Tip Corner from life coach Maya Simchi.

As the world opens up again, we are here to guide and nurture our members so that they may grab the opportunities available to them today.



Follow our community on Facebook, Instagram or at our website: http://womencreatingchange.com

Join our mailing list to keep you updated on our progress and events: WCC Email List


Please reach out to us here or at [email protected]

All donations made to Women Creating Change shall benefit WCC programs for MENA female filmmakers.

Donors acknowledge and agree that Women Creating Change Inc.’s 501(c)(3) status is currently pending.

Furthermore, any funds sent to Women Creating Change Inc. are not tax-deductible.



72 supporters

$15,000 goal

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