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Support Hornet Hyperloop in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition


$5,000 Goal

Created by Paul Orozco


We Are hornet hyperloop. Challenging the current status quo for transportation. View our final design press event below.

Imagine traveling between los and San Francisco in 30 minute, or paris to London in 15 minutes.

Imagine breaking the sound barrier and not even knowing it. We are helping make this a reality. Hyperloop is a high-speed transportation system initially proposed by SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk where you rocket down a vacuum tube at the speed of sound! To accelerate its development, SpaceX is holding a student competition to design their own Hyperloop pods to compete on a test track in 2017. 

We are the Hornet Hyperloop Team and we are competing in the second annual international SpaceX Hyperloop Competition.  We have a team of approximately 30 students working hard on designing the pod as required by SpaceX. The competition is a small scale transportation system transporting a single dummy through a vacuum tube in a levitating pod.

why do we need your help? 

The timeline required for the project is within an academic year's timeframe. We submitted the intent to compete September 23rd and have been accepted to compete. The following is the timeframe for the project as given by SpaceX

  1. Oct. 20th - Preliminary Design Briefing
  2. January 27-29 - Final Design Package & Design Competition Weekend
  3. Spring 2017 - Safety Briefing
  4. August 2017 - SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Weekend ll.

We are hoping to get funding as soon as possible in order to do physical tests of our designs as soon as possible. We have some preliminary designs for these tests as well as a basic Hyperloop Development Kit (which we hope to develop further).

Of course, after that we need funding for the entire pod. Based from some preliminary designs, our pod cost might range from $60,000 - $70,000. That also does not include any further sensor or device testing that we will have to do. We plan to gather this from a variety of resources including government grants, through our school, and direct company sponsorships (for which, please contact us directly).

This is where you come in. In order to do our best in the competition, we need your support to test and manufacture our Hyperloop competition pod! Your contribution creates opportunity to advance Hyperloop technology and allows the students to grow and engage in a unique collaborative design experience. The complexity of this project places us at the forefront of new technology and innovation.

If you are located in the Sacramento Region and would like to help the team, or are a company wanting official sponsorship, please email us at hornethyperloop@gmail.com to get in contact with us. We would love to hear from everyone!

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Linda Cracraft made a donation

10 months ago


GOOD LUCK, Dylan Cracraft and the Hyperloop Team!

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10 months ago


Paul Hamilton made a donation

10 months ago


Advance sustainable living and support Cal State's team from Sac!

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11 months ago


Support to the team and my son Paul Orozco

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