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So with all the time we hospitality folks have had, I have been trying to figure out a way to set up a fund different from the huge relief plans that we are all applying for, one that would be from a local source. I keep seeing all of the large funds people are trying to apply for that continue to have trouble with or are not seeing any support so hopefully this will be an easier way to help those Charleston bartenders who are suffering from this quarantine. 

 We have partnered with LiveInk to create awesome shirts for qualifying donations! In order to receive the shirt, you just need to make a donation of $25 or more! 

With those qualifying donations, we will get your shipping information and send out those shirts within 5-7 business days. This way, you're supporting your local bartenders and also getting something in return to show your support!

When you make your donation, please put down in the comment box:

  1. Your shirt size
  2. Your favorite local bartender that you want to nominate or who referred you to this fund! That way, once that bartender qualifies, they will receive a portion of the total monthly donations into the fund! 

PLEASE NOTE: Donations of $25 or more qualify you for the shirt, any donations under $25 are still very much appreciated but do not qualify for the exclusive shirts. 


1***To SIGN UP:

Please first apply by sending an email to [email protected] with your full name, employer, phone number, address, Venmo account, and any social media handles (facebook, instagram, etc.). We will send you a confirmation email once we have you down and will continue to send you updates on your qualification progress. 


After you email your application, go to this page and click the button FUNDRAISE (under donate button) and go through the steps to create your individual page to share to family and friends! 

By the last week of the month- you will need to have accumulated either 10 donation nominations of $25 or more 


A total donation amount of $250.00. Keep an eye out on your page to track your progress. Once you do qualify, you will receive an email from us confirming your qualification for the fund. 

*Those who have already received donation nominations- do NOT worry- we have them in our records and you will still get that credit. Please create an individual fundraising page if you haven't already.  


Once you have qualified for April, you are entered into the pool of funds that will be split up between all of the qualified bartenders. 

The payout will be closed out on April 30th and those qualified bartenders will receive their split portion of the fund within 72 hours via Venmo (If you do not have the application, please download now- it's free to sign up!). 

Note: With anticipation of this continuing to run into May and so forth, we will continue to run the fund. 

*First time qualifiers see qualification rules above

*Those who qualified in April will need a donation total of $50 (or 2 T-Shirts) to qualify monthly. 

With your help, we can build a strong fund that will provide assistance to bartenders in the area that have been impacted by this pandemic.

Please share with anyone and everyone, promote on social media, etc. so that we can collect as much as possible to help our local bartenders! They have been there countless times for us and have helped provide nights we will never forget, so let's thank them during the time they need it the most! 

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