Replacing the furnace fundraiser Aug 26, 2020

Matching Funds of $3000- for the first -$3000 received


10 supporters

$10,000 goal

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We need your help!

Colder months are approaching and the church is in need of a new furnace. The Food Pantry depends on the church for all its basic needs for its operations as does the church.  Addressing this ASAP will prevent interrupting Food Pantry work as well as church is work. We’ve started raising funds to help with the cost, and we’ve received a VERY gracious offer! 
One generous donor is willing to MATCH up to $3,000 in donations! 
Your contributions to the Church Furnace Fund can help us reach our goal of $3,000, which if reached will double to $6,000 towards our new furnace! 

A donation of any amount is helpful and very much appreciated! We are so grateful for your support! 



10 supporters

$10,000 goal

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Schaghticoke United Presbyterian Church