Ott Donation

This girl is sweet and adventurous, but has got some spunk. Ott can and has done it all. She has crossed bodies of  water, lead trails, worked around cows and bulls,  and so much more. She is great with any task you  give her and loves to please the rider. She would  be a horse for a rider with a little background  experience with horses, only because of her spunk and strong-willed nature. Once a bond is made  with this horse, she will listen to you well, and  come up for pets and kisses whenever she sees  you. As of right now, she is grazing on the ranch  and leading trail groups. We can’t wait to see what  the years ahead have in store for Ott as a part of  the team.


As you contemplate making a donation for Ott, your generosity holds the potential to make a profound impact on her life and the well-being of our Sanctuary Horses. Ott, a gentle mare, along with her equine companions, depends on the support of caring individuals like you to receive essential care, nourishment, and medical support. Your contribution creates a nurturing environment where Ott and others can thrive, offering them a haven filled with love and care. Each donation, regardless of its size, plays a pivotal role in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and provide for horses in need, ensuring a brighter and more secure future for Ott and her fellow sanctuary residents. Thank you for considering a donation and for the potential positive impact on Ott's life.


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