Giving Tuesday 11/29/2022

Poverty Alleviation Charities


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Bring hope to a family living in poverty

Your generous donation will help bring school-age children much needed educational tools, like computers and school supplies, as well as provide financial assistance in the way of an outright cash gift to families living in poverty.  We give money directly with dignity, giving our recipients the autonomy to make the choices themselves for how to cover their living expenses. Your gift will go a long way in bringing these necessities to our community and we are so very grateful!



100% of your donation is used in direct program initiatives!

We fundraise separately for our annual operating budget so that you can give knowing that your entire gift will have a direct path to its charitable purpose.


Economic Agency - Distributing unrestricted money to directly to necessitous families through our storied Letters To Santa program.

Academic Equity - Leveling the field for school-aged children who lack the resources to compete in academics.

Social Protection - Providing money and/or resources as a means of social protection for those who suffer from structural discrimination.

Positive Regard - Teaching confidence using the Arts of Improvisation, method acting and meditation.


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Poverty Alleviation Charities

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity

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