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The 125 Strong Campaign is a two-year fundraising effort launched in 2021 in commemoration of the Academy's 125th anniversary as a specialty organization under the leadership of Dr. Carol Bradford, Immediate Past President of the Academy. The 125 Strong Campaign was derived from AAO-HNS/F membership ideas and passions with the goal to raise funds needed to complement existing programs and to help build programs in four key areas that will have an immediate impact and help shape the future of the specialty. The four key program areas of the campaign are:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Program - Advancing equitable ear, nose, and throat and neck and head care and in attracting a diverse otolaryngology community through research grants in understanding heath disparities in otolaryngology and by increasing travel grants to underrepresented minorities.

Education Program - Using digital learning tools and resources, such as animation, simulation, and VR/AR, to further otolaryngology education while optimizing and advancing remote learning.

Leadership Development and Mentorship Program - Creating and building a strong pipeline of capable future leaders through concentrated trainings focusing on the different leadership skills needed at distinct phases of an otolaryngologist’s career.

Wellness Program - Enhancing the quality of otolaryngology care by cultivating physician well-being and resilience through wellness resources, wellness certificate program and wellness ambassadors.

Your charitable gift to the 125 Strong Campaign will help advance the specialty for otolaryngologist locally, regionally, nationally and internationally while improving patient care globally.

Thank you for helping to shape the future of your specialty!

Learn More About Each Program 

Four Pillars of 125 Strong Campaign

Questions or need assistance, please contact Marylou Forgione, Senior Manager, Development at [email protected]

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435 supporters

$500,000 goal

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