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Hundreds of supporters donating $143 (or more!) to help Camp Stella Maris survive the financial impact of COVID-19 as part of our CSM Forever Campaign

$50,925 by 223 people


Camp Stella Maris


We need your help!

In May we made the difficult and heartbreaking decision not to run Camp for the summer 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our summer camp programs account for 89% of our annual revenue and the loss of those funds will have a lasting impact on Camp. While we pivoted to Family Camping and have been able to cut expenses to the bare minimum, the loss is still projected to be over $500,000 for the fiscal year 2020.

143 for CSM will help ensure the magic of CSM for future generations of all campers. 

Please show your love and support for CSM by making a donation today. 

Thank You 

Recognizing Our Collective Impact 

Summer 2020 will always be a part of Camp Stella Maris' story. It will be remembered as the first summer in 94 years that we did not run a traditional summer camp program. More importantly, though, it will be remembered for the tireless efforts of staff, alumni, and friends of CSM that helped us to get through a challenging season. By donating $143 or more, you will become part of a special group of donors, community members, and friends who will be forever remembered for their commitment to helping CSM weather the impacts of this crisis. 

This support will be recognized in a number of different ways, including iconic CSM 143 decals, patches, and shirts as well as  a mural on the grounds of Camp. This mural will be made of tiles that represent your donation, and help us to tell the story of the love that the CSM community shares with one another. Please join us in sharing the love with future generations of CSM campers. 

The Origin of 143 at CSM

The love that we collectively share for Camp is a force to be reckoned with– a love that can be broken down into three simple numbers...143. 143 is based on the number of letters in each word of the phrase: I (1), love (4), you (3).

Matt and Char Flanigan talk about 143 at CSM in this video:


Jon and Stephanie Smyka made a donation

2 hours ago


The time our children spent at CSM the last few summers provided them immeasurable rewards and experiences. We are happy to be able to make a donation to support CSM, and look forward to the return of camp when it is safe to do so.

Giovanni Pellegrino made a donation

6 hours ago


Richard Black made a donation

1 day ago


Kelli Isaacs made a donation

2 days ago


CSM Staff past, present and future made a donation

3 days ago


With thanksgiving in the names of CSM staff past, present and future including Abbey Brown, Chuck Palermo, Kim Bahama Mamma Caccamise, Terri Burke, John Quinlivan, Sarah Hanford, Fiona Willis, Jodi Aman, Amy McCaffrey, Carrie McCarthy, Amanda Rydberg, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Michelle O’Connor, Laura Wambach, Jana Jackle, Megan Clifford, Laura Masceri, Anonymous, and the Aman Family.

Kim Caccamise made a donation

3 days ago


So Grateful for CSM, I’m donating again :) 😀❤️

The Van Clief Family made a donation

4 days ago


Enjoyed family camping but can't wait for Summer 2021

Courtney and Mae Winslow made a donation

4 days ago


Looking forward to Summer 2021!

The Capel Family made a donation

4 days ago


Fingers crossed for a fantastic Summer 2021!

Caroline Zorc made a donation

5 days ago


To the greatest place that shaped me into the person I am today! 143 Always

The Hyde Family made a donation

5 days ago


We love camp!

Tobin’s made a donation

5 days ago


Can’t wait for 2021!!!!

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