Souls Unscreened World Premiere!

Help us to realize Souls Unscreened into a fully-staged World Premiere, complete with professional musicians and artists, costumes, sets, lighting, utilizing a great ADA-accessible venue. 

A brand new opera from composer and electroncs designer Roger A. Martinez and concept and libretto by Alize Francheska Rozsnyai, this installation-style opera is about a computer scientist named Erica deepfaking herself during the pandemic and developing groundbreaking technology in AI and uploading her consciousness to the cloud. What is gained and what is lost?

​Composition and Electronics: Roger A. Martinez
Libretto and Erica: Alize Francheska Rozsnyai
Nathan: Tom Sitzler
Claudia: Kaitlyn Tierney
Conductor: Sepehr Pirasteh
Flute: Chelsea Meynig
Violin: Rachel Segal
Viola: Veronica Jurkiewicz
Cello: Leigh Brown
Piano: Hannah Han

Organized by Alter Ego Chamber Opera