Valley Achievement Center Giving Page

Valley Achievement Center (VAC) stands as a beacon of hope, founded on a mission to uplift children and families grappling with autism and developmental challenges. Initiated by two devoted mothers, VAC delivers evidence-based therapy and educational programs.

Despite our unwavering commitment, financial challenges persist for disability service providers like us. Our ability to provide crucial support is further constrained as minimum wage increases continue—a positive step for the workforce, which we wholeheartedly support. However, our reimbursement rates remain stagnant, unable to keep pace with the rising costs of essentials. This discrepancy strains our capacity to match increasing wages for our dedicated staff, creating difficulties in recruitment and retention, ultimately leading to waiting lists for vital programs.

For children with the most pressing needs, VAC often serves as a primary source of support. However, limited funding hampers our ability to provide comprehensive aid. Your support bridges this gap, empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to our community.

Throughout our impactful 25-year journey, VAC has transformed countless lives, nurturing independence among those we serve. Can you help continue this legacy? Your commitment, whether through a monthly donation or a one-time gift, ensures empowerment and opportunities for our clients.


501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 95-4638631