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Join Us as we raise funds to support our work in the greater Newark community. As the fundraising arm of University Hospital, our purpose is to raise funds to advance University Hospital's mission of improving healthcare, education, and wellness for the greater Newark community. We look forward to sharing news about our work and the impact University Hospital has on the residents and families living in our community.  Funds raised will support these programs:

  • Trauma Survivorship. As the only Level 1 Trauma Center in all of Northern New Jersey, University Hospital treats the most severe injuries and accidents. Survivors of a traumatic injury often experience a long road to recovery and the Trauma Survivorship program ensures patients and their loved ones have a dedicated partner to help navigate their care in the months and years following an injury. Through this program, we’re able to dramatically increase our patient’s success in following their care plan.
  • Cancer Screenings for uninsured women. Too often, our community members are being diagnosed with late-stage cancers in our Emergency Department. To combat this, University Hospital hosts a screening event, called “See Test & Treat”, that offers free cancer screenings and health education and brings the power of diagnostic medicine to underserved residents in our community. With culturally appropriate programming and translation services, women receive a clinical pelvic and breast exam, a Pap test, and a screening mammogram. The same-day results ensure connection to follow-up care, along with interpretive services, translated educational materials, and a healthy meal. This signature program saves women’s lives through early detection, empowers families through preventive health care, and connects communities with their healthcare providers. This year, See, Test & Treat included COVID-19 and Flu vaccinations. Since the program began 5 years ago, we’ve screened more than 350 women and detected a dozen early stage cancers. We are truly saving lives.
  • Healthy Babies. As New Jersey’s only safety net hospital - which provides care regardless of a person’s ability to pay - University Hospital experiences a large volume of labor and deliveries. University Hospital’s Pediatric Department offers an intensive, interactive parenting series, called “Healthy U” that addresses poor mental health, promotes family bonding and teaches new parents coping strategies throughout early childhood. Healthy U offers parenting classes, physical activity sessions, food and nutrition workshops, and stress intervention tips classes. The implementation of the Healthy U at University Hospital has transformed the lives of thousands of families throughout our community by giving them the education and support they need in the first years of their child’s life.
  • Feeding patients, caregivers and community members experiencing food insecurity. Patients often enter our emergency room just to receive a hot meal. The Sustain and Serve program was launched in April, to provide meals to patients who need it the most, while also supporting our local restaurants during these difficult times. This year we will feed more than 100,000 members from our community who have come to rely on our support.
  • Providing clothing through our Emergency Department Clothing Closet. Our Emergency Clothing Closet is a major resource to patients who do not have clean clothing to wear at the time of discharge. Homeless patients frequently arrive to the Emergency Department with soiled or wet clothing, while others have their clothing ripped, or cut off due to a trauma or accidents. This simple resource allows our patients to maintain a sense of dignity at a time when they feel most vulnerable. Each year, about 5,000 clothing items are distributed to patients in need.


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EIN 47-1686351