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2021 Giving Tuesday

Unleash Your Generosity for the Homeless Animals in Our Community

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Giving Tuesday is November 30th. 

Unleash your generosity this Giving Tuesday and support the homeless animals in our community. Please follow our social media pages, or sign up for our eNewsletter where we will share stories throughout the month of November, to learn how your contribution makes an impact.

See how YOU make an impact in the lives of animals and humans in need.

UPDATE 11/30/2021

Today is the day. It’s Giving Tuesday and your time to shine!

When animals need help and have nowhere to turn, we rely on compassionate supporters like YOU, who allow Monadnock Humane Society to be a safe place for homeless animals. This Giving Tuesday, you can help us provide a safe haven to animals in need, like these 🐱"Spirit Kittens"🐱, who are thankfully now warm and safe indoors. Our Spirit Kittens were born to a feral (wild) mom and have had little to no experience with humans. It takes time and patience for them to learn that we are here to help them and love them. Since tiny Spirit Kittens are not at all like normal social kittens, they are often waiting for a special adopter. They tend to spend more time than other kittens would with us at the shelter before finding a home that has the time and patience it takes to transform the most frightened of the bunch into well-socialized cats who enjoy human company.


Over the last few weeks, more than 100 adult cats and "Spirit Kittens" have come to Monadnock Humane Society, from a feral cat colony in one of the communities we serve.

Upon intake into the shelter, our veterinary and animal care teams work to assess each cat and create a path to adoption, based on their unique needs.


Once trapped and brought to MHS, all of the 100+ cats will be spayed or neutered, receive vaccinations and a Felv test, as well as be microchipped.

The overall cost to provide immediate, humane, medical and behavioral care, has already exceeded $20,000. Spirit Kittens like Basil, Bill, Marigold, Snapdragon, Daisy, and many of the other 42 Spirit Kittens in this group are relying on your generosity today to lift them up at a time they need it most.


Donate to the Monadnock Humane Society Giving Tuesday campaign today and make a real difference in the lives of homeless animals in our community.

🎆A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has already supported us this Giving Tuesday campaign!

⚠️NOTE - not many of these kittens are available to adopt yet! Adoptables are all on our website. Link in bio.

NOTE - as hard as we might try, some of these cuties will never take to humans the same way they do other kitties. But we still love them all the same.


UPDATE 11/23/2021

This Giving Tuesday your gift will be DOUBLED, thanks to an incredible $5,000 match from a generous friend of MHS. Now through November 30th, every dollar you give will be matched for the animals in our care. You can help offer a bright new beginning for the 166 pets who are currently in our shelter, waiting for a home this holiday season.

Although our wonderful matching donor would like to remain anonymous, we did ask what their motivation behind giving was, and here is their response: "We give thanks for our loving pets over the years and we are happy to give this matching gift, so many more animals can GIVE joy and love to others. Please make this the best GIVING TUESDAY ever!"

Meet the animals who YOU helped save so far this year and meet the animals who still need a home for the holidays...

UPDATE: 11/15/2021

An Animal Safety Net Story with Mollie and Jamie

ASN History and Three Year Impact

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide day of giving back to the communities that mean the most to you.

This Giving Tuesday on November 30th, together with you, we can be there for our most vulnerable animals, like Gordon pictured above who wants more than anything a home to spend the holidays in. Over the years (146 years to be exact), Monadnock Humane Society has seen animals go through traumatic and absolutely life-changing situations, and this year was no different. From extreme medical emergencies to navigating New Hampshire winter, we continue to be astounded by the spirits of our cats, dogs, and smalls who have been through so much and yet continue to give us their trust and love. YOU could be their savior by making an early gift today.

MHS ensures that animals are safe, housed, and loved, and we support human wellness as well since research shows that the animal-human bond improves people's mental and physical health.

We also help low-income pet owners through our pet food pantry, affordable spay/neuter and rabies clinics, and free boarding for pets of those who are homeless, victims of domestic violence, or entering a substance abuse program.

In addition, MHS is working to eliminate animal abuse and neglect in New Hampshire, and our adoption services contribute $1,512,100 to the region's economy through revenue spent for vet care, food, litter, grooming, and other pet items.

We receive no federal or state funding, and we are not affiliated with any national animal welfare organizations such as HSUS or ASPCA. MHS relies on the generosity of our community for support. Learn more about us at www.monadnockhumanesociety.org.

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141 Supporters

289% of $10,000 goal

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