2021 MAM Back to School

Make a child smile with new school clothes!


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The MAM Back to School program helps parents shop for new uniforms for their children, because all children deserve to have a great back-to-school experience!

Starting the year with new clothes helps children feel confident to greet their friends and focus on their studies. Children like Ana and Paul.

Ana and Paul live with their mom, Marie. Their grandmother also lives with them and taught them how to play dominos during the pandemic. They can’t wait to teach their friends how to play during recess since school will be fully in person this fall! They are excited to see their friends every day. Even though having school from home was different than what they were used to, they loved spending so much extra time with their mom and grandmother.

Marie is a hard worker, but money has been tight since she wasn’t able to work as much because of COVID. Ana and Paul’s uniforms from last year are way too small. Marie didn’t know how she would pay for new uniforms. A huge weight was lifted when Ana and Paul’s school told her about MAM’s Back to School program. Now they can go shopping for new uniforms and start the school year feeling confident and looking great!

Your generous support sends Ana, Paul, and so many other children Back to School ready to learn. Thank you!



264 supporters

$200,000 goal

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