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Stray Paws Animal Haven

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Story is a Los Angeles County based, 501c3, TNR focused cat and kitten rescue and advocacy organization.

How do we keep stray kittens and cats from entering the city shelters in the first place? TNR. Trap Neuter Return is the answer. Or as we call it, TNRM, Trap Neuter Return Monitor. 

In LA, due to the warm climate and longer kitten season, female cats can have up to 3 litters per year. Each litter may be an average of 4 kittens. Did you know over a year and a half period, fixing just one female cat would statistically save an average of 48 kittens from being born into such conditions?

Due to pandemic guidelines, most municipal shelters continue to only accept managed intake. A large number of feral and community cats remain on the streets. Maybe more than ever. These cats cannot find enough food and water on their own to survive. They rely on community feeders for sometimes the only meal they may get each day. They suffer from chronic injuries and flea and parasite induced ailments.

Stray Paws Animal Haven is reducing street animal population through TNR (TRAP NEUTER RETURN), medical rehab, transport, relocation and networking.

Join us in supporting cats in the most important mission of all. In 2020 we serviced 6,205 cats and kittens. Let's do it again in 2021.

$10 Provides a microchip for a feral cat. If the cat is ever picked up by animal control, she will be returned to us, and her colony, rather than face potential euthanasia

$50 Provides a kit of supplies used to bottle feed and care for a litter of 4 neonate kittens who recently lost their mom

$100 Allows a colony manager to feed and monitor a colony of 12 cats and kittens for one month

$250 Provides a spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, flea control, microchip, snap test (FIV/FeLV), deworming and general wellness care for a friendly feral cat in preparation for adoption into a loving home

$500 Provides an emergency surgery and rehabilitative care for a feral cat with a life threatening injury

$1,000 Become a Stray Paws Animal Haven angel. You will receive regular updates on how your contribution has helped our mission

You can also Text to Donate! Simply text StrayPaws to (202) 858-1233




61 supporters

$15,000 goal

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Stray Paws Animal Haven

A 501(c)(3) organization

EIN 83-1526587