$25 - Virginia Highland District Association & Morningside Winterfest Parade


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$25 - VHD and MLP Winterfest Parade

The Virginia Highland District and Morningside Lenox Park Association are working together to bring a holiday parade to the neighborhood! The parade will start at Lanier and University and end at Lanier and Los Angeles The route is a little over a mile. The walkers will set the pace and the floats will follow. Neighbors will line the streets to enjoy! At the end of the parade, the vendor market will kick off with a band at VA and North Highland!



Virginia Highland District Association is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit created to design, develop, and implement strategies of community engagement and economic development, to advocate for a robust and diverse business corridor with a strong relationship with public and private sectors. Founded by resident stakeholders, Virginia Highland District Association consists of a volunteer Board, with multidisciplinary professionals, invested in the prosperity of the Virginia Highland neighborhood and business corridor.

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Virginia Highland District Association

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