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Calling all students, parents, grandparents, parishioners and supporters of Christ the King School: 

Our Technology Bash is now open!  

In lieu of our largest fundraiser at CTK: The Badger Bash - we are hosting a friendly competition among our classes. 

Our Technology Bash aims to secure donations to fund an important aspect in educating our children - Technology!  We have specific items that you can donate to our school or items that you can donate toward. Each class is working toward a goal (based on the number of students per class, $220 per student) to win a special class prize of their choosing.  

  Please reach out to supporters in your family, your neighborhood, and our community. We can exceed our goal for our kids and for the individuals that brought a little normalcy to this crazy school year-our teachers! Let's give them the tools they need to teach effectively. 

*Please leave a message of support and encouragement to our CTK students when you donate!  There will be a running ticker on our page to see the progress of each class.  Furthermore, if you are a local business that is donating, post your logo along with your message! Our school, parish and local community will have access to this fundraising page - it will also be advertised on our social media platforms. 

God Bless and thank you in advance.

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1 supporters

$40,000 goal

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