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We have a big vision for our Ice Arena and need your help to make it a reality. 

Siouxland Youth Hockey has experienced considerable growth. However, growth comes with challenges. The facility at IBP Ice Center no longer meets our growing needs. With the lack of locker room space, proper dedicated girl’s locker room and sufficient number of showers, we can no longer accommodate our skaters. Included in this expansion project are:

* High School Locker Rooms

* Girl’s Locker Room 

* Additional Youth Locker Rooms

* Equipment Storage Room

* Coaches Room

Siouxland Youth Hockey has saved and committed over $575,000 towards the fundraising goal. We anticipate that once the project is complete, we will be able to host tournaments which will  provide funds to help sustain and expand our program. 



3 Supporters

0% of $1,200,000 goal

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