Multicultural Experience

What better way to expand the thinking of our at-risk youth in our local communities than to expose them to other communities in other cities, states, and countries.

The purpose of this program is to change our mentees lives! We believe that through travel, the opportunities to educate our mentees will be endless. We look to create opportunities for our mentees to gain valuable knowledge to improve their communities and create more leaders within their local communities by doing community work and building relationships.

The focus of our missions will be built on one very simple principle: Do the right thing all the time, every time. For our staff, for our travelers, for the people and places we visit. It’s the difference between booking a trip and fulfilling a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s a vow to identify the problems facing the world today and act quickly to create a solution to meet them. Above all, it’s a commitment to continually challenge ourselves to see the big picture and bring about meaningful and positive change whenever we can.

Organized by Motivated King Inc