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NoVA Prism Center & Library is a community center and private library for the Northern Virginia LGBTQIA+ community, especially the teens and young adults in the region. Your donations will allow NoVA Prism Center & Library to do critical things like securing space, purchasing books and comfortable furniture, and outfitting the space for our projected opening in 2023.

With the current uncertainty in the local school systems regarding access to good information about queer lives and queer bodies, the increasing number of attacks on the trans community both within the state of Virginia and nationwide, and the surprising lack of local, brick and mortar community resources for the Northern Virginia LGBTQIA+ community, it is time for a safe space and home for the local community.

The NoVA Prism Center & Library will include:

-A library featuring primarily works written by LGBTQIA+ authors, with a regular focus on and centering of PoC LGBTQIA+ authors

-Meeting and hangout space for small to medium scale community events, book clubs, and support groups

-Lesson and workshop space for things like affirmative workshops for trans folks (voice training workshops, makeup and fashion, etc), LGBTQIA+ Sex Ed and Health workshops, life skills workshops for queer teens, and more

-A Gender Affirming Closet for affirming clothing for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming (and questioning) folks

-And more as needed to support the local LGBTQIA+ Community


Organized by Nova Prism Center Inc
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