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Forty Acres And A School

A radical initiative to build transformative futures!


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Organized by Done For DiDi


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After years of community organizing, anti-racism education, and raising direct cash assistance for hundreds of Black MaGes (Marginalized Genders), #DoneForDiDi is embarking on our boldest project yet.

“Forty Acres and a School” is our radical initiative to build transformative futures and change the redlining of property into green: a community farm in Massachusetts growing food and healing medicine, with money going directly into the hands of Black folks.

Over the next 2 years, Done For DiDi will raise $5M (in labor, land, cash and other resources) to purchase, reclaim and build out a Black Liberation epicenter. This will be agricultural and community space on the colonized lands of New England. In this first phase we will crowdsource $1million by the end of 2021 through community and individual giving. 

Reparations to Black MaGes are essential to the dismantling of white supremacy and other oppressive systems. “Forty Acres and a School” will build power and provide jobs and opportunities for Black MaGes, as well as being a living, convergence and retreat space for activists on the frontlines of Black liberation.

The resources in this campaign will provide:

  • Community healing spaces for retreat, ritual, and respite. 
  • An Intergenerational Freedom School 
  • A community farm growing food and healing medicine
  • Maker Spaces for artistic exploration and expression of Black identities and Black liberation. 

  • Restorative and Transformative Justice Facilitation

  • Housing for Black visionaries and freedom fighters; Accessible and reliable transportation to and from the farm and school; and compensation for the radical thought leaders who will guide the educational programming. 

Black Marginalized Genders have had their labor stolen, exploited, and extracted for centuries. DiDi Delgado has spent years experimenting with ways to reclaim wealth and resources from white society and redistribute them to where they belong.

Join our campaign and be part of something radical and authentically DiDi.

What can your donation do?  Your contributions help build the farm, piece by piece!

$10 gets one bag of #DUNGforDiDi 😎

The 40 Acres and a School project will host a community farm growing food and healing medicine, with money going directly into the hands of Black folks. It’s time for us to remember our connection to land, food, farming, and growth.

$50 - Craft supplies for the school! 🧶

Our Intergenerational Freedom School for all ages will focus on healing the harms of colonized education. Often “school” echoes trauma, but this education space could not be further from traditional learning. Our Freedom School will be an Afro-futuristic container for remembering the ancestral knowledge we already have, giving us space to claim our birthright to wholeness. 

$100 - Plantings for the Healing Garden 🌾

Our community center will include spaces for retreat, ritual, respite. We will build connection and practice liberation within our bodies - working out justice in real terms. Black people have learned to turn off our sensations but in sacred liberation spaces we can PLAY with sustained, uninterrupted joy and rest. What would it be like to be happy for longer than 15 minutes? What would it feel like to allow ourselves a healing day of - “I’m just gonna put it all in this dirt”?

$300 - Art supplies for Maker Spaces 🎨

The land will host Maker Spaces for artistic exploration, stocked with tools and resources available to Black artists free of charge. This space of Black identities and Black liberation through poetry and visual arts, as well as a tangibly supporting emerging artists, especially Black Marginalized genders.

$500 - Pays a Black radical somatics-and-body-healing leader 🥰

This will be a community space to hunker down and be free in our inner worlds, where we can feel ourselves present in our bodies. A space to be safe without constant trauma interruptions, supported and held by the community.

$1000 - Pays for a half-day transformative justice session 🤗

Restorative and transformative justice facilitation for cannabis and Black community.

$5000 - One month of Free transportation (via 2 farm school busses) for Black community members in surrounding cities 🚌

Accessible and reliable transportation to and from the farm and school is an integral piece of the healing - to arrive without having the anxiety of driving or the fear of police violence means folks can start relaxing and connecting even earlier in their stay.


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952 Supporters

13% of $1,000,000 goal

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