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Established in 2014, The Pretty Brown Girl Foundation empowers young Black and Brown girls to embrace their unique identity, build self-confidence, and reach their full potential. We operate on three key pillars—Education, Experience, and Exposure:



Financial Support: We provide financial assistance for educational pursuits, ensuring girls have equal opportunities to learn and grow.

Skill Development: Focused on fostering growth, we equip girls with the skills to overcome challenges and achieve academic success.



Mentorship Programs: Connecting girls with mentors for personal and professional guidance, fostering individual Development.

Direct Opportunities: Offering experiences directly contributing to the girls' well-being and personal growth.



Cultural and Global Awareness: Creating exposure moments for girls to broaden their understanding of different cultures and global perspectives.

Community Engagement: Encouraging active community participation and empowering girls to be positive change agents.


Your contributions, no matter the size, are crucial in supporting initiatives that provide mentorship, educational resources, and community support. Together, we are investing in a positive change, cultivating confident young women who will make a lasting impact in their communities.


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