Green Mountain Film Festival

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Independent since 1997! The 23rd Green Mountain Film Festival returns March 14-17, 2024 to downtown Montpelier. For schedule and ticket information, click here

Donations and sponsorships comprise about half of the festival budget. Your donation in any amount will help us to set our budget for the following year's festival. These are important funds as they help us know how much we can promise to filmmakers, venues, and collaborators. 


Many of these expenses must be paid for before we can begin selling tickets, like deposits on marketing materials, venue rentals, professional fees and film rights. How much we can raise through donations directly determines how many movies we can bring to the festival. 


We are also committed to buying locally whenever possible, even though that might mean slightly higher prices than what can be found on the internet. We believe that supporting the local economy helps our community stay strong and we put our money where our values are. 


We are also committed to paying fair compensation to artists for their work. This means that all contributing artists will be compensated in some way (combination of tickets, fees, housing, etc). We extend this value to our staff and pay as well as we can for the hardworking crew behind the scenes. 


We are additionally committed to keeping this festival accessible to the local community, so we do not inflate ticket prices but keep them at current market rates. We strive to offer free or subsidized tickets whenever possible through our community sponsors program. 


All of this is made possible with your charitable contribution. This is why we’re asking for your support. Here are four ways to help:

  1. One-time donations can be made using this form.
  2. Monthly donations can be made by subscribing here
  3. For donor advised funds and other forms of giving, please give me a heads up: [email protected] or (802) 522-3973.
  4. If paying with a check, please pledge the amount using this form, click "continue" button and select "mail a check". 


See you at the movies!  Phayvanh Luekhamhan, GMFF Director






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