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You are a trailblazer in work and life.

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The Luminary Level is an opportunity for you to give at any transformational level beginning at $1,200 and up annually.

Please create an account for yourself, by doing so you will be able to manage your donations in the future!

  • You are a trailblazer in work and life.
  • You inspire others with your leading light.
  • You are an advisor to high-potential faithful women.

Welcome to our Luminaries Circle! The generous members of this eliteĀ group give over $1,200 annually. Monies raised by our Luminaries support the ongoing 4word operations, support staff, our communication efforts, outreach and our mission work overall.

Consider making a gift in honor of a woman in your life. Encourage your company or organization to give to 4word and support the work we do to encourage and equip women of faith in their workplace.

Thank you for shining a light for Christ -- not only at home, but everywhere.

Transform 4word!

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EIN 27-2865980