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Dear Friends,

Camp Wright is currently accepting donations to help us make it through the financial impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We have already lost income due to a cancelled rental season and we will lose further income as the camp season approaches. If we are unable to have camp this summer, there is a distinct possibility that CW will be fiscally insolvent by the end of the summer. Please give what you can so we can make it through this mess shining the light of Camp Wright on through the next generation.

Know that we are currently doing all that we can to ensure that Camp Wright is not another casualty of Coronavirus. Please don't worry about what will happen next, our staff and the Camp Wright Committee are working hard to plan and care for Camp during this strange season. Give what you can, as you are able. If you cannot give, please share our campaign with your friends and former bunkmates.

Remember to pray and hold close the hearts of our campers and staff during this time. There is so much uncertainty in the world right now, and our kids (yes, I call our counselors kids, too) need to be lifted up and cared for in new and intense ways. Join me in praying for a swift resolution to this pandemic, and for all of the individuals and families that have been deeply affected by this crisis.

Thank you for your unending support. Thank you for your financial gifts. I probably say this too much, but it's more true now than ever, I can't wait to see you on Kent Island soon!


Julia Connelly
Executive Director


Your friends at Givebutter 💛 made a donation

1 month ago


Janet Nelson made a donation

2 months ago


Julia Connelly received a new donation from Clare, Finn, & Molly Branick

3 months ago


Thank you for sharing the beauty and peacefulness of CW. We can’t wait to be campers!

The Mason Family made a donation

3 months ago


Clara Ann, Frank & Matthew: great CW memories from the late 1960's - early 1970's...Father Al, canteen, kumbaya, bug juice, snipe hunting, arts & crafts, archery, swimming in the bay with the buddy system, dance night, etc., irreplaceable memories!

Julia Connelly received a new donation from Virginia ♥️

3 months ago


Walked around the house this morning singing Pharaoh Pharaoh ♥️ Summers aren’t the same without CW!

Tom and Debbie Shuster made a donation

3 months ago


Anonymous made a donation

4 months ago

Roberta Gribbon made a donation

4 months ago


Christ Church Alive at 5 made a donation

4 months ago


Thanks for letting us hang out today!

Eleanor Kaestner made a donation

4 months ago

Anonymous made a donation

4 months ago

I made this personal donation on behalf of Haven Ministries. Camp Wright is a great supporter of Haven Ministries - and Haven Ministries a great supporter of Camp Wright!! Here's to many more years of a great partnership!

Charlotte (Peaches Delahay Meyer made a donation

5 months ago


If there were witchcraft...I'd make these wishes... 1. That every alumni of CW would do everything they could to contribute 2. That COVID never happened 3.. That Camp Wright was preparing for another fabulous summer. Love, Peaches - GO WHITE TEAM!

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