Immigrant Heritage Month

62 donors for the 62 countries our clients represent

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ILC - Immigrant Legal Center

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June is Immigrant Heritage Month--a time when we celebrate our shared heritage as an immigrant nation and important contributions to our economy, culture, and common identity by immigrants from all around the world!

This Immigrant Heritage Month, ILC is seeking 62 people to donate any amount to support free immigration legal services in Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Why 62 people? Because last year, our clients represented 62 countries of origin and we are honored to be part of their immigrant story. 

During the month of June, make a donation (no matter how big or how small) and we will send you a special ILC sticker pack! All month long we will be sharing information about the 62 countries our clients represent and how immigrants are essential to our Nebraska communities. 

Will you join us in celebrating our shared immigrant heritage with a gift today? Together, we are empowering immigrants to live with confidence and free from fear!



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EIN 74-3195841