Gustave Lussi Book Campaign

Ice Theatre of New York joins Cecily Morrow in documenting the legacy of Olympic coach Gustave Lussi. For seven decades Lussi was famous for his artistry, his revolutionary inventions in spins and jumps, as well as his mentorship of 16 world and Olympic champions. Cecily, a founding member and soloist of the Ice Theatre of New York, was a longtime student and continued teaching with Mr. Lussi for the last 24 years of his life. During that time, and with the dedicated support of Dick Button, she worked with Lussi to document his methodology in a highly acclaimed, commercial video series, Systematic Figure Skating: The Spin and Jump Techniques of Gustave Lussi (distributed in over 26 countries). Cecily also initiated and was a producer of the PBS profile, Gustave Lussi: The Man Who Changed Skating.

Cecily's work continues now in writing the extensive biography of Mr. Lussi's life and work while in a Master’s degree program at Smith College. Ice Theatre of New York, as part of its mission of skating education, is acting as fiscal sponsor for the ongoing Lussi Legacy project.

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