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We didn't see it coming. The pandemic. The lockdown. Months without activities. Masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Extra staff needed to check temperatures and conduct testing. Even for seniors whose lifetimes span eight or nine decades, this has been a new experience for all of us. 

But as we look to the other side of the pandemic, there is light...hope...the dawn of a new sunrise. We have families visiting, volunteers helping, activities happening.  Yes, we have some new procedures and we still smile behind our masks, but we are moving forward. 

But the truth of the matter is, it's not easy.

Even as our doors were closed to visitors this past year, our essential "behind the scenes" work continued.  Unfortunately our costs did, too.  In fact, costs skyrocketed thanks to masks, cleaners, COVID tests, added staffing, and more. While expenses were going up, we saw our census numbers declining.  And at the same time, we  couldn't forget our commitment to benevolent care, which provides for all residents even when their resources run out. 

It has been a lot to take on. That's why we are asking for your help.

Your gift will ensure continued COVID compliance. Your gift will help grow our census. Your gift will fund a full slate of activities...finally! Your gift will give our residents a safe and supportive community where they will always belong.  Your gift will drive our mission: 

Caring deeply. Leading boldly. Connecting daily. Serving faithfully. Ultimately, your gift will spark needed hope. Isn't that the best investment of all?  


P.S. If you can, please consider a gift of $150 or more! Friends of Sunrise will match every gift of $150 and above (up to $16,000), so your donation will have even greater impact. What’s more, your gift of up to $300 is 100% deductible even if you use the standard deduction.




10 supporters

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EIN 42-0805391