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We need your help building out our space to meet zoning requirements to re-open


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Education. Reimagined. 

Mountain House Ministries opened it's doors in October of 2021 with visions of providing Summit County families the choice to have their children receive a Christian education that focuses on faith, family and a individualized experiences in academics (and adventure!) to meet every child where they're at to instill a passion for spiritual growth and lifelong learning. We had an incredible first year, that was cut short because we did not meet zoning code requirements. We are currently inoperable, but are slowly taking the steps required to meet zoning requirements to build out our space and receive our conditional use permit to operate.  

And this is where our grassroots community needs your help.

Through generous donations already, we have been making forward progress our long (11 months!) quest for our conditional use permit and plans to meet building codes and hope to be able to serve local families and children for the 2023-2024 school year once again. However, this has been costly, tedious, and a time-consuming task and we're still not out of the weeds. We have been granted our approval with the Town's planning and zoning commission to get a conditional use permit (praise God!), and are now getting our plans reviewed with 5 different local authorities for their approval so that we may begin construction to meet all requirements. All the while, we are continuing to pay rent on our leased space to ensure we have a place to fix and re-open.  

We're fundraising for:
Leased Rent Payments

$4008.90 monthly rent on our space in Dillon
(anticipating needing rent for March 2023 - August 2023. Tuition costs were used previously to cover this, and our mentors' salaries)

Construction "Fixes"
Estimated at $45,000
More details will come once we sure up our selected tradesman to complete the work

Space Needs for Education

$8,000 Lockers (initial fundraising efforts for lockers paid for current efforts to overcome this challenge)
$5,000 Security Cameras/System
$10,000 Educational Items (Explore our Amazon wish list for educational items and furniture we need. We'll also need everyday supplies, like glue, scissors, paper - white computer/notebook /construction/cardstock, art supplies)

Or Help Us Grow our library!
We love and need more books to build up our library. If you'd like to order some books, please visit us here or here.
Our Wishlist is as follows:
Grade 2 Read Aloud Shelf...$215...(23 books)
Grade 3 High Interest Fiction Shelf...$1100...(175 books)
Grade 3 Picture Book Shelf...$285...(20 books)
Grade 3 High Interest Nonfiction Shelf...$820...(96 Books)
Grade 4 Picture Book Shelf...$235...(20 books)
Grade 5 Picture Book Shelf...$280...(20 books)

About MHA. We feel it's time for a relevant and modern Christian Education. Mountain House knows there is no one-size-fits all when it comes to our children's growth, so the way we education our children shouldn't follow a one-size-fits all approach either. While traditional education is designed to cover-most with one strategy, Mountain House is different. We're rooted in fostering a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding through individual experiences built in both academics and adventure, while emphasizing family, and cultivating the extraordinary uniqueness God placed within each of our children. Learners at Mountain House learn together in mixed-ages pods, bringing the classic one-room schoolhouse into the modern age. Children will learn to mentor and be mentored by one another. Our ability-based groupings will better support or challenge your child and meet them wherever they are. We have replaced external motivators like high-pressure test scores and grades with an intrinsic growth mindset, so our learners will have fun while they’re learning, sparking a desire to be a life-long learner. Our environment and culture fosters a culture of respect and character development within each learner, and every aspect of our learning is from a Christian Worldview.

Our Values. 
Faith Forward.
Spiritual and Moral Responsibility. Creating a foundational base for a life of service and emulating Christ-like lives. Promote Growth, Not Perfection.

Cultivate the Extraordinary. Educate with Excellence. Produce life-long learners that are critical thinkers. Cultivate their God given gifts to their fullest, and allow our learners the space and time to just be kids.

Family Affirming. Support the Stability and Integrity of the family. Focus on family and community relationships and providing an educational experience with more flexibility.

Social and Civic Responsibility. Love and Respecting others, Always. Modeling Christ-like behaviors (integrity, compassion, empathy, and self-responsibility). Readiness to assume rights and responsibilities to participate in the electoral process and a representative democracy. Emphasis on our God given Freedoms, and protecting them at all costs.

Body. Respect and care for your body, the place He desires as His temple. Develop lifelong skills with proper hygiene, nutrition, and safety. 


Share Fundraiser


16 Supporters

9% of $60,000 goal

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