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Crisis: 800HH

Hello, wonderful souls! The Remedy Way- 800HH Team - is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of 800 households (HH) facing the daily struggle of making ends meet. In this post-COVID era, recovery is an uphill battle for many, and it's time for us to stand together and lend a helping hand.
Did you know?
A recent LendingClub report revealed that a staggering 74% of Americans are worried about their finances stability, as nearly 50% of American have $500 or less in thier savings account, an amount that leaves them vulnerable to unexpected expenses. Brett House, an economics professor at Columbia Business School, notes, "Many households are seeing their finances stretched thinly by the combination of high prices for goods and services as well as high-interest rates."
Facing Tough Choices:
Our communities are making tough choices daily, deferring discretionary spending to stay afloat. A Bankrate survey further emphasizes the challenges, showing that 49% of adults have less savings or no savings compared to a year ago. Many have tapped into their cash reserves, creating a delicate financial balance.
Our Initiative:
In the face of these stark realities, our team is committed to providing real, tangible assistance. Our goal is to alleviate the burden faced by these households by offering support with essential bills such as rent, utilities, and more.
How You Can Make a Difference:
Your generosity can be the beacon of hope that these families desperately need. By contributing to our fundraiser, you're directly impacting lives and helping to create a more stable future for 800 households.
Join Us in this Journey:
Please consider making a donation, no matter the size, and share our campaign with your network. Together, we can turn these statistics around and bring relief to those who need it the most.
Thank you for being the light that shines in the darkness for our community. Your support means the world.
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