Café Veritas

Partner in the Gospel

The goal of Café Veritas is to help our community understand the basic assumptions of our own time, along with the truths of the kingdom of God, and the hope that these truths bring to all aspects of our earthly life. With the strength of 12 years of lectures, book groups, Fellows programs, and coffee shop meetings, we believe that now is the time to expand Café Veritas. Building on existing relationships within our universities and our city, we seek to increase the number of classes and events we offer, revealing to more people the relevance of Christ to all aspects of thinking, creating, living, and working. We seek to hire a full-time Executive Director and fund an expanded program budget. Can you help us in this work to extend the impact of Café Veritas?


Organized by Café Veritas
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 38-4057787