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Billy's Street Mission

We've started a rescue project we're calling 'Billy's Street Mission'. Billy's Street Mission is dedicated to assisting the dogs presently enduring starvation, neglect, and suffering on her street, particularly those who were the companions of Blackie, Whitey, and Beigey.


Billy's Street Mission began with the rescue of Billie, a puppy attacked by stray dogs. The mission expanded to saving over 25 neglected dogs on "Billy's Street" in the Rio Grande Valley. Despite challenges like financial constraints and distemper, SSR has remained committed. Tragically, Homer, Bluey, Stormy and more have all succumbed to distemper. Our hope is to save the others before it is too late.  The mission highlights the need for support through donations and foster homes and underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership and vaccination.




Billy is out of food and stopped feeding the majority of the dogs on the street. Her husband texted her about how the dogs can hear the bags of food and are barking, begging to be fed, and to please figure something out. Remember, these are not her dogs - they just know she is the only kind heart of the street that cares.
This situation breaks my heart and it really seems that beyond Whitey & Blackie, no one else really cares to help clean up this street 🙁 She is down to feeding a small handful of dogs only 1 cup per day. These dogs need help, there's at least a dozen relying on her...

Organized by Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue
501(c)(3) Public Charity · EIN 81-4746690
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