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Nevada Peer Support Network

Your support goes to fund the efforts of the Nevada Peer Support Network. Your support helps us to provide resources (i.e., incident support services, training/education/classes, culturally competent clinicians, and safe space for critical incident debriefs) to first responders (i.e., law enforcement, firefighters, EMS, military, dispatchers, hospital professionals, and veterans) in Nevada and California.  

Nevada Peer Support Network: 2023 Accomplishments Summary

Incident Support Program: In 2023, the NPSN Incident Support Team swiftly responded to 5 Fire/EMS incidents and 20 other events, offering vital aid to first responders in our region. Services ranged from care flight crash site support to multiple alarm fires. The team also played a crucial role in supporting memorial services for fallen heroes and provided sustenance and gifts to ambulance crews during National EMS Week. Approximately 800 first responders were served, receiving support at emergencies, memorials, debriefings, training exercises, and related events.

Wellness Offerings: Throughout the year, NPSN provided diverse wellness offerings, including 2nd Saturday Hikes, meditation, yoga, Alcoholics Anonymous, and one-on-one wellness coaching. Partnerships with organizations like Horsemanship 4 Heroes allowed for debriefs after equine therapy sessions. This initiative delivered 122 hours of direct service to 621 distinct individuals.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): In response to critical incidents, the NPSN CISM team provided assistance in 6 incidents, dedicating 36 hours of service and supporting 190 individuals. Additionally, 15 clinicians received CISM Response training, accumulating 16 training hours. Basic Peer Support Training/CISM Response training saw 69 hours invested, with 56 individuals trained.

BLM Mental Health Tour: As part of network outreach, the NPSN engaged in pre-incident stress management training during the BLM Mental Health Tour, investing 76 hours to train 300 people.

Incident Debrief and Mental Wellness Education: NPSN conducted 19 hours of incident debrief sessions involving 27 individuals. The organization offered 42 hours of Mental Wellness Education & Training, covering topics such as Pre-Incident Stress Management and Suicide Awareness. In total, 1,019 distinct individuals received education and training.

Total Lives Served: In 2023, the NPSN directly impacted the lives of 3,028 distinct individuals through its various programs and services.

Organizations Served: NPSN extended its support to a wide array of organizations, including law enforcement agencies (Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department), fire departments (Truckee Meadows Fire Protection, Reno Fire Department, Sparks Fire Department, Carson City Fire Department), emergency services (REMSA, Dispatch), military branches (Army, Nevada Guard, Navy, Marine Corp, Air Guard, Army Guard, Veterans), healthcare institutions (Renown), and more.

Thank you for being a part of our journey in making a positive impact on the mental well-being of those who serve our community.

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