Soorp Khatch New Church & Community Center Project

Phase 1A - Community Center - 9490 River Rd, Potomac, MD 20854, USA


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Learn more about our project:

  • Who We Are
  • Pledges
  • Progress to Date
  • Concept Designs
  • Our Property
  • Fundraising Targets & Key Dates
  • Naming Opportunities, Donor Programs and Stocks & Securities Donations
  • Letter from our Pastor and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Who we are:

  • Soorp Khatch Armenian Church (built 1965)
  • Hamasdegh Armenian School (Pre-K through 8th grade)
  • Ladies Guild
  • Armenian Relief Society (ARS) "Satenig" Chapter
  • Homenetmen DC (Scouts, Social, Athletics)
  • Armenian Youth Federation "Ani" Chapter
  • Hamazkayin DC (Cultural, Dance)
  • ARF "Sebouh" Gomideh


  • $133,000 committed

Progress to Date:

  • Acquired land
  • We meet all Montgomery County requirements for permitting
    • We have met majority of site preparations for County Permitting
    • Environmental Study
    • Removed legacy septic tank system
    • We meet Requirement for County’s Tree Save Conservation to be able to build maximum square footage on our property
  • Stormwater Management
  • Traffic Study
  • Combined two parcels of land into one 5.4 Acre Parcel
  • Hired Owner's Representative to conduct Architect selection process via RFP
  • Selected Davis Carter Scott as our Architect firm by RFP Selection
  • Completed concept design and have begun Engineering Drawing for permitting application

Concept Designs











Our Property

Fundraising Targets & Key Dates

  • Phase 1A - $4 million by November 2023 
    • Pay off property loan
      • Bank has committed to approving construction loan with available equity
    • Complete Engineering Drawings
    • Complete Montgomery County Permitting
    • Demolition of existing building
    • Ground Blessing by Vehapar in November of 2023 
  • Phase 1B - $4.5 million by November 2024
    • Complete Construction of Community Center including the Fellowship Hall and Hamasdegh Armenian School
      • 275 Person Hall with modern amenities
      • We will have a commercial kitchen
      • 120 Parking Spaces
      • Hamasdegh School will operate 10+ Classrooms
      • Potential for strong rental income - Halls for rent with adequate parking space are in high demand in the area
  • Phase 2 - $8 million by November 2025
    • Build new church
    • Sell existing church
    • Move into our new home

Naming Opportunities, Donor Programs, Stocks & Securities

For more information on naming opportunities, donor programs or donating stocks and securities, please contact the church office at (301) 229-8742 or [email protected]

Letter from our Pastor and the Chairman of Board of Trustees

Dear Soorp Khatch Church Members and Supporters,

There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, well, similarly, it takes the whole community to care for and support the vision and mission of our church.

Soorp Khatch Church was founded 58 years ago, when a few parishioners came together and established a home for us and we are eternally grateful for their boldness, vision and sacrifices. The church has always been the center of our community and our people. During the past 58 years, it has delivered faith, hope and love to our community through Sunday services and sacraments and a sense of national pride through community events. Since then, our community has grown and evolved. It’s important to acknowledge the contributions of our leaders and community members as we get ready to move into the next phase of our future.

In January a meeting was held to update our community on the status of the property on River Road, the site of our future church and community center. At that meeting it was shared that a Phase I of the project is to build the community center. The community center will be able to accommodate Hamasdegh school, hold our annual events and can be used to generate rental income to help as we move into future phases of the project, including building the sanctuary.

We have reached a critical point in this project. Fundraising efforts have begun in order to make this long-awaited dream a reality. Our new home will not be built without your generous financial support. Our goal is to raise $4 million dollars by November of this year so that we can alleviate the debt on the property and to start to build the community center. Every dollar counts, you have the option to make a recurring donation regardless how small or large on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. We have also set up the means to be able to receive donations via stocks, bonds or property. If everyone gives to the best of their ability, we can bring this plan to fruition. As a 501(c)3 organization, your donations are fully tax deductible.

We need to come together as a community and embrace the vision of our future home. Our community and future generations need a home to ensure we preserve our Armenian religion, heritage and our identity. We will successfully build our new home together for each and every member of this community to enjoy, for our children and future generations to grow and flourish together as Armenians. You have the opportunity to leave a rich legacy with your family’s name (naming rights) ingrained for years to come as a generous contributing member of our community. Let us leave a rich legacy for our children and grandchildren just as founding members of our community did for this building 58 years ago.

We look forward to your positive response. Your ongoing support is deeply appreciated. If you have questions or want more details about the project, please call the church office at (301) 229-8742 or [email protected].


Archpriest Fr. Sarkis Aktavoukian, Pastor

Anto Tossounian, Chairman, Board of Trustees


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4 months 2 weeks remaining


38 Supporters

6% of $4,000,000 goal

Soorp Khatch Armenian Apostolic Church