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With your help, this Summer, we are planning to take 150 young people on delightful, educational outings to The Children's Science Center in Orlando, The Kennedy Space Center (NASA) on Merritt Island, and The Museum of Arts and Science (MOAS) in Daytona.
Your donation will help supply transportation, lunch, and entrance fees to these educational institutions for 150 young people, as well as the staff required to accompany them.
These experiences will inspire curiosity, ignite passion for learning, and provide invaluable hands-on educational opportunities for the youth in our community, many of whom have never traveled beyond their neighborhoods. By contributing to this cause, you are not only providing access to enriching experiences but also fostering a love for science, technology, arts, and exploration in the next generation. Your support will make a meaningful difference in the lives of these young individuals, empowering them with knowledge and fueling their dreams for the future.
Together, let's create unforgettable memories and shape bright futures. Thank you for your generosity and for being a champion for education and youth development. 
Since 2010, despite naysayers that said Ms. Felicia Benzo's plan was "a pipe dream", "pie-in-the-sky", and that her CATALYST program would never succeed, yet amidst discouraging situations, environments and circumstances, and as opposed to so many of their schoolmates, her children DO succeed. She not only proved that it could be done, she has far exceeded everyone's expectations!
"In 2018, C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. programs served a total of 506 children and were active in 35 of the 72 Volusia County Florida Schools.
Who are we serving? There is a popular catchphrase “children at risk” which I do not use because it is commonly associated with certain racial and ethnic groups. All children are at “risk”. All Children!!! Why Ms. Felicia? Adverse childhood experiences can affect any child at any time. It results in disruptive behavior and hopelessness. The more adverse childhood experiences and circumstances in a child’s life the more stunted the social /emotional development is, and the more the need for intervention increases.
C.A.T.A.L.Y.S.T. has been created to inspire all children who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control. The children are referred to us by the schools, and youth programs and occasionally parents call the program directly for mentors. We only mentor in the schools during school hours. We are a community partner with the Volusia County Youth Motivator program which does the background checks of our mentors before they can mentor a child." - Felicia Benzo, CEO
Our youth graduate from High School, and 100% of our attendees who stay in the program have a career path; they either go to college, enter the military, become entrepreneurs, or join the work force as productive participants in their society!
There are too many others who are just waiting for the chance to improve their outcomes too, yet, the funds have not yet manifested for them.
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