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Nationally, outdoor spaces are in desperate need of active efforts of inclusion and radical improvements to engage diverse populations. Barriers such as safety, costs, access, exposure, historical trauma, and underrepresentation prevent BIPOC communities from holding their space outdoors. Pigtown Climbs, came from the distinct need for space where the Southwest Baltimore community can heal, grow, be inspired, and empowered.

In hopes of using the climbing community as a model to strengthen neighborhoods that meet these barriers without consistent quality resources; Founder & Director of Pigtown Climbs and Pigtown resident Bri'Anna Horne presented the idea to The 930 Group, LLC after visiting their lot for a neighborhood association plant giveaway.

​The 930 Group, LLC welcomed the idea and opened up the space for this young Black community leader to grow her vision. Within a few months, Pigtown Climbs blossomed into a majority POC, majority woman lead, and collective initiative that is committed to engage, inspire, and use our platform to promote environmental stewardship and health initiatives in South West Baltimore. 

Our vision is to work in collaboration with the Southwest Baltimore community to transform an overgrown lot in the Pigtown Mainstreet corridor into a beautiful, accessible, and safe outdoor climbing and gathering space.

Our executive team and sponsors have done an immeasurable amount of work to get us this far. Executive team: Amanda Benjamin, Sih Okazeh, Brittany Leavitt, Lena Spadacene, Cody Folta, Raquel Zuniga, and Bri'Anna Horne. Sponsors: Earth Treks, Citizens of Pigtown, Pigtown Mainstreet, Charm City Books, Suspended Brewing, Dura Flame, Kleen Kanteen, Mid Atlantic Climbers and Coral Cliffs, Work Printing, Toole Design, and Lowes.

But we will need your support to make this vision come to life. If you have the means to donate please do, if you have the means to share our efforts please do, if you would like to get involved we welcome you! 


  • Be accessible to all
  • Create an opportunity for community engagement
  • Improve access to outdoor sports for Baltimore residents
  • Provide outdoor gym space to Increase public health and wellness
  • Lead health initiatives in Southwest Baltimore
  • Engage local community members
  • Encourage youth development
  • Increases access to climbing for South Baltimore residents
  • Deepen community connection with the outdoors and promote environmental stewardship
  • Provide a new climbing space to those who already love the sport



125 supporters

$95,000 goal

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