Bulletproof Vests for the 95th Brigade in Ukraine

Our goal is to provide advanced bulletproof vests for the 95th Brigade, one of the most capable units of the Ukrainian army. This elite division is operating in one the hottest war zones in Eastern Ukraine and, to one’s disbelief, is lacking body armor.


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What if we told you that some of the best Ukrainian defenders at the front lines still don’t have body armor?

Unfortunately, this is one of the sad realities in Ukraine these days, more than a month into the war. 

Help us change this reality by providing the 95th Brigade in Eastern Ukraine with advanced bulletproof vests.

What will be purchased?

We will use all the raised funds to purchase advanced NIJ level IV certified bulletproof vests. These vests consist of a carrier with 2 plates that provide the best possible protection (NIJ level IV, DSTU class 6) at the lowest possible weight (6.2lbs, 2.8kg per plate). They are made using the leading SiC+UHMWPE composite technology in Canada, and have been certified by an independent NTS agency in the USA. The superb quality and ultra low weight of the bulletproof vests is critical for the challenging missions of the 95th brigade.

Who will receive the vests?

The vests will be provided to Ukrainian defenders in the 95th Brigade, one of the most capable units in the Ukrainian military. This is an elite division that is particularly famous for the Great Raid of 2014. The 95th brigade currently operates in Donetsk region of Donbas. This region in the East of Ukraine is currently the most difficult and strategically important part of the front

How will the vests get there?

The vests will be purchased and delivered to a city in Central Ukraine by the Sunflower Seeds Ukraine volunteers, then they will be taken to the front line in Eastern Ukraine by Yuri Kochevenko, a member of the 95th Brigade. We’ve already used this delivery method to provide the 95th Brigade with emergency first aid kits. Learn more about Yuri Kochevenko and Sunflower Seeds Ukraine below.

Thank you for supporting this important cause!

Please share this fundraiser on Facebook, and invite your friends to donate. Together we can reach the goal of equipping one of the best divisions of the Ukrainian army with bulletproof vests.

Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine!

Sunflower Seeds Ukraine

About Yuri Kochevenko:

Yuri Kochevenko (see pictures below) is an officer of the 95th brigade. During peaceful times, Yuri is a Director of International Center for Countering Russian Propaganda. Here is an interview Yuri gave when he came to pick up our first aid kits last time. Learn more about Yuri and his work in the 95th brigade on Facebook and Instagram

Yuri Kochevenko on the front line in Eastern Ukraine:


Yuri Kochevenko with others from the 95th Brigade:


Yuri Kochevenko in the Media:


Yuri Kochevenko with the family:


About Sunflower Seeds Ukraine:

We are a small charity working across borders to save lives in Ukraine by sending direct medical aid and timely humanitarian assistance to small groups of defenders, vulnerable civilians, and abandoned animals in need. For more information and updates about our work, like Sunflower Seeds Ukraine page on Facebook and follow @sunflower_seeds_ukraine on Instagram

Our defenders receiving medical aid and tactical gear from Sunflower Seeds Ukraine:


Our volunteers from Boulder, Colorado and Warsaw, Poland:




143 supporters

$28,500 goal

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